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Letter U – Unicorn Alphabet Coloring Page

Color this adorable Letter U-Unicorn Alphabet coloring page and learn the ABCs with the help of a magical creature!

Letter U - Unicorn Alphabet Coloring Page

Let’s Color the Letter U – Unicorn Alphabet Coloring Sheet

Unicorns have their way of spreading positive vibes everywhere – sort of like how fairies sprinkle pixie dust! Their fun colors and the magic they bring can actually make kids study the alphabet with more enthusiasm!

This coloring sheet will activate creativity and imagination as they color the Letter U – Unicorn Alphabet coloring page. So don’t stop them from choosing wild colors to make this dreamy creature real. Let them choose colors they like and just have fun with it!

How to Use the Letter U – Unicorn Alphabet Coloring Page

There are a lot of ways to use this alphabet coloring page, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Use this when studying words that start with Letter U. Don’t forget to clarify the different sounds of U in Unicorn and U in umbrella.
  • Unicorns are usually the main characters in fairy tales. Use this coloring page when sharing one. After all, fairy tales teach value and help imagination grow. Try Thelma, the Unicorn.
  • Complete the letters with the other coloring sheets in our Alphabet collection to make wall decor for your classroom.
Letter U - Unicorn Alphabet Coloring Page

What to Use with This Coloring Page

What we love about coloring is that it relaxes and releases emotions. As children adjust their focus to finish their picture, coloring can have a profoundly therapeutic and relaxing effect on them. This relaxing pastime can be used to process emotions and divert attention away from stressful situations – all while learning the letters of the alphabet as well!

While we encourage you to use the coloring tools you like best, here are some of our favorites.

  1. Crayons – Using crayons on a textured surface is one of our favorite things to do with them. We adore how the colors combine to produce new colors! It’s so cool, right?
  2. Markers – When it comes to coloring, markers are the best invention ever. They add vibrancy and richness unlike any other coloring tool! Just be careful when using them on thinner paper so that they don’t bleed through.

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