10 Easy Ways to Make Your Coloring Pop

Coloring is so much more than just a pastime for children, it’s also an amazing way to relieve stress and improve your mental health. But if you want to really get the most out of coloring, these 10 tips will help make your coloring pop!

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Coloring Pop

Making Your Coloring Pop

Tip #1:

Choose a coloring book or coloring page that inspires you. If you’re looking for something with more detail, try the intricate work of Japanese artist Toshiko Hori from her “Garden” series. If you want to relax and zone out, there are also mandala-style designs or floral patterns that will work well.

Tip #2:

Keep your coloring supplies on hand. You can’t color if you don’t have the right pencils, markers, or pens! Buy and organize them so they’re easy to find when inspiration strikes.

Tip #3:

Get into a routine of creativity. Schedule time each week to color. Whether you stay inside for a few hours and work on one picture, or break it up in 15-minute intervals throughout the day, this routine will help your creative juices flow!

Tip #4:

Keep an art journal by your side. Jot down ideas as they come to you – maybe write about the colors you used or the feelings you’re experiencing. You never know when an idea will strike, and having something to capture it on hand is priceless!

Tip #5:

Get a group of friends together for coloring nights. Invite some adults who also enjoy this hobby and trade tips with them while you color – what’s better than adult coloring time, after all? Don’t have friends that want to color with you? No worries! Join us on YouTube and color along with us! We got you!

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Coloring Pop - ColoringPagesAndMore

Tip #6:

Create your own coloring book. Once you get the hang of it, try making a new picture and adding it to your collection! It’s fun for kids or adults – no matter what age you are!

Tip #7:

Invest in quality coloring supplies. Not only will they last longer and be easier to use, but they’ll also produce better results.

Tip #8:

Make a list of your favorite colors and what you like about them – is it how bright the color is? The way it makes you feel when you look at it? You can even make lists for different seasons or moods!

Tip #9:

Experiment with new techniques. One of the joys of coloring is discovering a new way to color that you never knew about or tried before!

Tip #10:

Don’t be afraid to step out into uncharted territory – after all, it’s just an activity for kids right? Well, not anymore! Coloring allows people to escape from their everyday lives and explore the world of their imagination.

With these easy tips, you can bring out your best coloring work. So grab a sharp pencil and get to it! And don’t forget – the more colors you use in one picture, the better!

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