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Car Coloring Page

Vroom vroom! Where do you want to go? Fasten your seatbelts and have a sweet ride to creativity with this car coloring page!

Car Coloring Page

Let’s Color the Car Coloring Sheet

Do cars greatly interest your child? This car coloring sheet is perfect to get your child’s attention and get them excited about coloring! Cars are seen in many different colors so feel free to fill it with your favorite color and favorite design. A red car with some fiery designs? Or a cute pink car filled with sweet polka dots? Maybe a car that’s colored like a ladybug! Your ride, your choice!

How to Use the Car Coloring Page

There are a lot of ways to use the car coloring page but here are some of our personal favorites:

  • Make a three-dimensional model of this car by making a collage and adding some artistic and creative touches.
  • Have a more fun and engaging unit study on cars, drivers and the road with this coloring page.
  • Use the coloring page as part of your alphabet study. It’s perfect for the letter C and can be added to your alphabet coloring fun – especially if you’re focusing on vehicles!
  • Use the coloring page when going on a long journey. The road is full of cars, your kiddos willl surely get excited to color their own cars!
  • Use it after watching their favorite movie about cars. (Cars, anyone? Now we can’t get Life is a Highway out of our heads!)
Car Coloring Page

What to Use with This Coloring Page

There are many different colors and designs of cars, and we believe that the look of cars solely depends on their rider to make them more unique. Being you as the driver of your very own car coloring page, what would you design? Express yourself with your ride and have a safe and colorful trip!

While we encourage you to use the coloring tools that you like best, here are some of our favorites and the ones that we used to color in our own car coloring page.

  • Colored Pencils – Pointy coloring tools such as colored pencils are perfect for designing this car coloring sheet as it is also good for drawing stuffs.
  • Crayons – An endless imagination needs an endless variety of colors! Crayons are perfect to be at ease when expressing yourself through this coloring sheet.

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