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Letter P – Panda Alphabet Coloring Page

This Letter P-Panda Alphabet Coloring page is bear-y fascinating and perfect for anyone who wants to learn the alphabet in no time.

Letter P - Panda Alphabet Coloring Page

Let’s Color the Letter P – Panda Alphabet Coloring Sheet

The panda’s clearly recognized black and white fur makes it cute, but did you know that pandas are actually born pink in color? Will it be black or white or pink? The color is yours to choose. Let your imagination run wild as you grab your tools and start filling this Letter P – Panda Alphabet Coloring Page with the perfect hues.

How to Use the Letter P – Panda Alphabet Coloring Page

There are a lot of ways to use this alphabet coloring page, but here are some of our favorites:

  • This is useful for learning words that begin with the letter P.
  • Thinking of a good story for a read aloud? Use the story The Panda Problem by Deborah Underwood as your springboard to get the kids interested in coloring this page.
  • Make adorable wall decor for your classroom by completing the letters with the other coloring sheets in our Alphabet collection.
  • Read more adorable facts about them here, and be ready to share them with your friends.
  • Did you know that you can help your child learn to form words when you convert this coloring page into magnetic letters? Try it!
Letter P - Panda Alphabet Coloring Page

What to Use with This Coloring Page

One of our favorite aspects of coloring is that there are no rules to follow. Are you a fan of marker? Make use of them! Colored pencils are your preferred method of expression? Take a chance. When you color, utilize materials that speak to you and celebrate what you like. The only thing to remember while coloring this coloring sheet is to have a good time!

While we encourage you to use the coloring tools you like best, here are some of our favorites.

  1. Crayons – Color this panda with fantastic hues of crayons! Crayons are a wonderful choice for coloring in this coloring page because of the wide range of colors they can produce. The options are infinite!
  2. Markers – Today’s generation uses markers. No sharpening required! They can be used to color in any object on paper, but it’s best to print this out on heavyweight paper to prevent it from bleeding through to the next page.

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