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Striped Bass Fish Coloring Page

Time to explore under the sea! Hook, I mean, grab your copy of the striped bass fish coloring page and season it with a lot of colors!

Striped Bass Fish Coloring Page

Let’s Color the Striped Bass Coloring Sheet

The ocean is a big and deep place, but you don’t have to be scared of exploring it, for this striped bass coloring sheet will be joining you. You don’t need to be shy about it, it’s a big fan of yours and coloring it would make it more than grateful.

Want to add more stripes to it? Do it! If polka dots are your thing, just add them to it. You can also draw your favorite cartoons or doodles, if you believe that it will make the striped bass better looking. As we stated, it is a big fan of yours, so keep doing what makes you happy and it will be happy too!

How to Use the Striped Bass Fish Coloring Page

There are a lot of ways to use the striped bass fish coloring page, but here are some of our favorites:

  • This striped bass coloring sheet will make your unit study about fishes and other water species more fun. Grab your free copy now!
  • Use the striped bass page as part of your alphabet study. It’s a good representation for the letter B as in bass or F as in fish.
  • Draw its natural habitat for the background! Draw what under the sea looks like and draw some water species that you know, too.
  • Use the striped bass coloring sheet to relax or to improve your coloring skills more.
  • Imagine that you live under the water with the striped bass. Make a story out of it and read it aloud to the class.
Striped Bass Fish Coloring Page

What to Use with This Coloring Page

Showcase your imagination that’s as vast as the ocean with this striped bass coloring sheet. Color outside the lines! Create your own masterpiece by painting, drawing, and coloring as much or little of this page as you want. Be creative with it – make a rainbow or an ocean landscape, pictured from above; draw patterns like snowflakes or fireworks across its surface… The best part is that there are no mistakes when you’re in charge.

While we encourage you to use the coloring tools you like best, here are some of our favorites and those we used to color in our own striped bass fish coloring page.

  1. Colored Pencils – Colored pencils are perfect coloring tools to use when you want to add more in-depth details such as scales, additional stripes, bubbles under the ocean, etc.
  2. Gel Pens – We’re big fans of gel pens and we’ve always enjoyed coloring with them. They’re rich in color, like markers but still liquid-like, similar to watercolor paints! The point is also very thin which makes it perfect for detailed drawings or shading effects when using colored pencils. Our advice to you would be to make sure the ink has dried before touching your page because otherwise they will smudge all over the place and ruin your work!

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