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Smiling Sloth Coloring Page

It took him a while, but this adorable sloth is here to put a smile on your face! Have lots of fun with this Smiling Sloth Coloring Sheet.

Smiling Sloth Coloring Page

Let’s Color the Smiling Sloth Coloring Sheet

More and more sloths are moving into our page! Do you already have your favorite sloth coloring page yet? We love sloths because they remind us to take things one second at a time. Plus, you can’t say sloth without smiling.

How to Use the Smiling Sloth Coloring Page

There are a lot of ways to use the smiling sloth coloring page, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Use this smiling sloth sheet as part of your alphabet study. It’s perfect for the letter S and can be added to your alphabet coloring fun.
  • Use the smiling sloth coloring sheet to keep the kids busy and distracted while waiting for dinner.
  • Print it as a 1/4 page by adjusting your printer settings and turn it into a refrigerator magnet after you color it with markers!
  • Have a sloth art exhibit. Kids can choose any of our sloth coloring pages and color the one one they choose however they want.
  • Writing prompt! Make a list of things that make you smile.
  • Play some relaxing forest sounds and clear your mind while coloring this adorable sloth.
Free Smiling Sloth Coloring Page

What to Use with This Coloring Page

Don’t worry about what colors to use because sloths come in a variety of colors and designs. Let your sloth be unique just the way you are. That’s why we encourage you to use all sorts of coloring utensils to turn your smiling sloth coloring sheet into a one-of-a-kind creation! Nothing is boring about your creativity!

While we encourage you to use the coloring tools you like best, here are some of our favorites and those we used to color in our own smiling sloth sheet.

  1. Watercolors – We love using watercolors with this one! Simply print the page out on heavy cardstock and break out the paints. You might even try watercolor pencils – they are awesome!
  2. Colored Pencils – We used sharp colored pencils with this page because we wanted to do the outline first and then color in.

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