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Love Lives Here Inspirational Coloring Page

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Well, search no further because this Love Lives Here Inspirational Coloring Page will find you!

Love Lives Here Inspirational Coloring Page

Let’s Color the Love Lives Here Inspirational Coloring Sheet

This love lives here coloring page is a lovely reminder to appreciate the beauty in our lives and in the world around us. If we can only discover that love is something that lives around us, we won’t find ourselves looking for love in all the wrong places.

How to Use the Love Lives Here Inspirational Coloring Page

There are a lot of ways to use this coloring page, but here are some of our favorites:

  • Make monogrammed coloring page bags.I just love how these zippered pouches with ironed-on coloring book pages turned out! Get the tutorial here.
  • Turn your colored pages into cool keychains. Isn’t this keychain with a coloring page awesome? Make your own by printing a small version, punch a hole and attach some good length of ball chains.
  • Make a classy wooden tray. To prevent the paper from buckling due to moisture, cover it with Mod Podge or a similar solution.
  • Create colorful decorative plates. Did you know that all you need is a cheap dollar store set of plates to create your own unique set of artistic coloring book plates?
  • Turn your room into a gallery of inspirational quotes. Print and frame it. Then, hang it on your wall to keep you motivated all day. You can also check out other sheets from our Adult coloring collection.
Love Lives Here Inspirational Coloring Page

What to Use with This Coloring Page

Color selection and media allow you to show your originality through coloring. It’s fun to keep track of how much pressure you use, what colors you use, and whether you color loosely or securely. Each artwork, like each person, is unique. So grab your favorite coloring tool and enjoy!

While we encourage you to use the coloring tools you like best, here are some of our favorites.

  1. Gel Pens – Coloring with gel pens is a lot of fun! The richness of markers, the fluidity of watercolors, and the fine point of colored pencils are all present. As a result, they’re popular for coloring all kinds of coloring pages! Just make sure the ink is completely dry before touching it.
  2. Fine Tip Marker – When you use a fine tip marker, it’s like drawing on a large piece of colored paper! They’re great for adding intricacy and a lot of color to any coloring page.

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